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Universal CNC Software

  • runs with the Windows 7 / 10 (administrator rights) operating systems.
  • is available for a variety of control systems and controllers from isel 
  • applications can be produced to isel-PAL or DIN66025
  • provides an ideal solution for automation tasks!

proNC - Processing automation software for Windows


The basis of any automation solution is a powerful software that enables implementation of practical solutions for existing tasks quickly and conveniently. In these cases, the operating and programming interface

  • provides an ideal solution.
  • runs with the Windows 7 / 10 operating systems.
  • is available for a variety of control systems and controllers from isel
  • applications can be produced to isel-PAL or DIN66025

proNC is outstandingly suited to automation solutions in the milling, drilling, metering, installation, handling, loading and quality control fields, in which application programs are produced mainly in text format, using teach-in-features and the integration of contour data sets (e. g. NCP format).

  • Path commands for relative and absolute positioning of the interpolating axes
  • Programming of additional axes in handling mode
  • Circular interpolation, helical interpolation, drilling cycles
  • Repeating loops, counting loops, unconditional and conditional branches
  • various mathematical and trigonometric functions
  • Sub-program systems, symbolic variables
  • Integer-, real and symbol chain variables
  • Message window, messages in the status line
  • Loading and storing process variables
  • Access to digital and analogue inputs and outputs
  • "On-the-fly" input/output (without stopping the movement) for metering applications
  • Access to user-specific extension DLLs
  • convenient support for debugging


  • Programming to DIN66025 (G-codes) or isel-PAL
  • compatible with previous software versions (ProDIN, ProPAL)
  • integrated text editor with numerous features for rapid and efficient source code processing
  • Import of geometric data (NCP, e.g. from isy-CAD/CAM)
  • Use of up to 6 interpolating and up to 6 handling axes (with CAN controller)
  • Look-ahead track processing with CAN controller
  • up to 4 spindle motors can be used
  • up to 4 I/O units can be used (max. 64 inputs, 64 outputs)
  • Signalling inputs and outputs for process synchronisation
  • Teach-in-with joystick, keyboard and mouse
  • Offline programming with simulation modules
  • incremental processing, hold points and system monitoring for commissioning
  • individually expandable with software libraries
  • Control panels for movement control, input/output, spindle and tool change with buttons
  • Control panel for max. 6 handling axes independent of the interpolating axes
  • available in German and English
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