Suction device for spindel motors iSA series

1 week
239012 000xx
  • Opening: manual or automatic
  • Suitable: Light dust and chips for dry processing
  • Suction volume: min. 200 m³/h

Suction device

Internal use

The isel dust and chip extractors are accessory components for milling spindles of isel Germany AG. They are used for the extraction of light dusts and chips during dry machining.

They are not suitable for coarse, heavy and wet chips, which can lead to clogging and cannot be removed and transported by means of extraction technology.


isel dust and chip extractors consist of a milling spindle-specific base plate and side parts attached to it, on which strip brushes are mounted all around. The strip brushes prevent chips from being ejected from the extraction area and enable extraction even on 3-dimensional workpieces and fixtures. However, the best extraction result is achieved when machining sheet material.

For an optimum extraction result, the suction volume at the hose connection should be at least 200 m³/h and the tools should not protrude beyond the brush length.
The brushes used are wearing parts that must be replaced if necessary. For this purpose, they can be removed individually and fastened to the side parts.

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Part No. for spindle motor opening prepared for hose ... Suction device
239012 0000 iSA 500 / iSA 750 manual 38 mm ASV 5057
239012 0001 iSA 1500 manual 80 mm ASV 1500
239012 0002 iSA 2200 (internal CoolMin) automatic 80 mm ASV 2200
239012 0003 iSA 2200 (external CoolMin) automatic 80 mm ASV 2200
239012 0004 iSA 900 automatic 50 mm ASV 900
239012 00041 iSA 900 manual 50 mm ASV 900
239012 0005 iSA 3600 pneumatic 80 mm ASV 3600
239012 0007 iSA 1500W pneumatic 80 mm ASV 1500 W
239012 00071 iSA 1500W manual 80 mm ASV 1500 W
239012 0009 iSA 1500L manual 80 mm ASV 1500 W
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